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You can now take a continuing education course at Manchester Community College and learn how to create your own 'Signature Barbeque Sauce' or 'Special Rub' and learn tips on Indoor Grilling.

Mastering BBQ

In this hands-on course, learn how to make signature barbeque sauces for those family and friend cook-outs and dinners. We will focus on the classic sauces−a red tomato or ketchup based sauce with various spices perfect for most BBQ dishes; and the classic white sauce−a tangy mayonnaise based sauce more suited for chicken and poultry. You will learn how to customize both sauces to personal tastes and call them your own ‘secret sauce’. You will take home some great base recipes with plenty of ideas to personalize them. We will also cover safe food handling, mixing techniques and spices; how to preserve and package your sauces.


May 7, 2016


Coming Soon

We are in talks with the College to offer our Smoking & Grilling courses. Please look for more info in Spring / Summer 2016

Creating Rubs & Indoor Grilling

Learn how to make and apply rubs for different types of meats.  We will prepare and cook a beef and a pork dish with the rubs applied.  Also covered is safe food handling and meat preparation. 



May 21, 2016



Registration for these courses are through the Manchester Community College


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