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Our Story

We started as most good pitmasters probably do - In the backyard on a grill - Then you get bitten by the bug and become totally obsessed with creating the finest tastes possible. After that it goes onto brines, marinades, mops, rubs and sauces. You start a competition BBQ team, then you get older and pass your knowledge on to the future pitmasters. 

Did You Know....

Learn2Grill is part of the Training Depot family of quality training programs. Since 1983 The Training Depot has delivered a variety of courses taught by a team of dedicated subject matter experts (SMEs).

Visit them at or use the link below

Our Mission Statement

To make the outdoor cooking lifestyle available to all. Whether we are teaching how, writing for or feeding the curious who have yet to master the smoke & flame; we will strive to bring the 'Q' to you.....

​What's Next

We are almost ready to go to print with volume 1 of our 'Outdoor Cooking Series' books. We've redesigned this website (I know, many of you miss our old one), this was necessary so that people could find us on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And lastly, we are in the process of creating our BBQ bus. Look for it at events around southern new england in the fall of 2018. 

​Our Courses

If you're serious about mastering the art of outdoor cooking, you will find that  we offer a fun way to achieve your goal.

Our casual hands-on approach lends itself to a teaching style that has proven itself to create great pitmasters. 

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